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Our Mission

Roam strives to provide fast, reliable, and secure connectivity using the latest WIFI and LTE technology paired with managed I.T. solutions designed for remote work environments such as the ones found in the Mining, and Oil/Gas Sectors. Our designs provide the best of both on-premise and cloud computing paired with expert managed services ensuring the right products are installed the first time, and operate as they are intended.

Our Story

Roam inc. was created to service the gap in the remote mining industry to service lacking technology engineering design and support services. It is clear that the IT infrastructure is often overlooked during construction and as a result, does not function as or serve the purpose intended.

Since its inception, our team has transformed the working lives of mine sites with solutions that enable reliable connectivity and IT services and power the IoT and automation requirements of today's modern mining installations.

Our team and strategic partnerships continue to grow as roam expands beyond mining powering environmental, PPE, Geolocation, and Vehicle automation efforts in remote areas all over the world.

Roam Inc. is located in Lively, Ontario, Canada.  Led by   Ross Beyers who has been in the MSP, and system integration field for over 17 years, and has operated in almost every vertical from gaming, government and enterprise, to hydro generation and mining. Roam adds to this experience with they the development of private LTE networks provided unprecedented connectivity in remote developments around the world. Roam Inc has been bringing personal, dedicated and reliable IT,  and integration services to our clients for over 17 years.

Experienced Leadership


204 6th Ave,

Lively, ON P3Y-1M4

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